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2017 Media Accreditation Request

General Information

The Victoria Film Festival (VFF) grants media festival accreditation in the form of a pass, or tickets to films, to journalists who cover film on a regular basis for established media. Festival accreditation does not include accommodation or transportation. Pass is valid for one admission. Please be at each screening 25 minutes in advance. 
Applications must be received by June 1st, 2017.
Please be sure to:
1. Complete all required information
2. Attach a letter on company letterhead from your assigning editor(s) confirming your assignment(s) and outlining the company’s intention(s) to publish or air your reports
3. Attach a Passport-sized photograph for your festival pass
Communications Coordinator, Victoria Film Festival
1215 Blanshard St. Victoria BC, V8W 3J4 

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Additional Information

Have you covered Feast Food and Film before? *
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Attach a letter on company letterhead* from your assigning editor(s) confirming your assignment(s) and outlining the company's intention(s) to publish or air your reports. *
Attach a Passport-sized photograph for your festival pass *


* All accredited media are asked to provide clips of their reports to the festival office by June 1st, 2017
* Accreditation does not include transportation or accommodation.
* Accreditation badges will be available at the festival office just prior to June 15th.

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