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JUNE 15, 16 & 17

1st Course: Thursday, June 15

Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table

When? Serving at 7pm

Where? The Vic Theatre

What are we having? Floyd's Diner does a twist on creole breakfast hors d'œuvres, served with their take on a delicious mimosa, with a hollandaise demonstration.

Who is serving? Floyd's Diner

How much? $25 all inclusive

Discover Ella Brennan, New Orleans' force of nature behind the revolutionized creole cuisine. 


2nd Course: Friday, June 16

SEED: The Untold Story

When? Serving at 4pm

Where? The Vic Theatre

What are we having? Serving up a seedy salad and grainy bread from Mother Nature's Market and Deli, a hemp vodka cocktail by Victoria Distillers and heritage seed popcorn with organic coconut oil. Meet speakers Robin Roberts and Natalie Chambers, the co-authors of Saving Farmland & learn how to make your own hemp vodka cocktails!

How much? $25 all inclusive

Centuries-old grains are now threatened by what big corporations call "progress". Learn how change can still happen to save seed diversity.



Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

When? Serving at 7pm

Where? The Vic Theatre

What are we having? Elegant California-inspired hors d'œuvre by Toque Catering, of Pickled Pumpkin Seed Crusted Halibut with Nasturtium Pesto & Grilled Peach Salsa. Paired with California wine by Vessel Liquor. Along with a demonstration & guided tasting by Toque chef & owner Nicholas Waters.

Who is serving? Toque Catering & Vessel Liquor

How much? $25 all inclusive

Discover the complex story of the chef who shaped new American cuisine and created the cult of the celebrity chef.


3rd Course: Saturday, June 17

Deconstructing Dani Garcia

When? Serving at 4pm

Where? The Vic Theatre

What are we having? Explore the exploding trend of drinking sherry (by Vessel Liquor) alongside classic Spanish tapas. Have a tasting of Spanish olives & olive oil by Olive the Senses. With a flamenco performance by guitarist Gareth Owen and dancer Denise Yeo of Alma de Espana Flamenco Dance Company.

Who is serving? Vessel Liquor

How much? $25 all inclusive

Learn about Dani García, a chef with two Michelin Stars, whose restaurant closes and forces him to re-invent himself. Preceded by the short film Knowledge – Eat where we get intimate with Ferran Adrià as he dons his chef's apron once again to take up a final challenge: creating dishes without cooking.


Cook Up A Storm

When? Serving at 7pm

Where? The Vic Theatre

What are we having? Sample Chinese treats and have a taste of the only Canadian Baijiu spirit by Dragon Mist Distillery and traditional Chinese dance by Ocean Rain dancers.

Who is serving? Dragon Mist Distillers

How much? $25 all inclusive

Watch a film about a culinary competition like no other: rival chef's come together in an attempt to beat a common foe. Witness knife skills like you've never seen before.


Movie Under The Maltworks: This Is Spinal Tap

When? Screening at 9:40pm (light dependent)

Where? Phillips Backyard

What are we having? Beer and a Green Goo Surprise

Who is serving? Phillips Brewery & Coast Lunchbox

How much? $20 including a beer & the surprise.

Join us for a laugh and a cult film: the mockumentary covers a 1982 US concert tour by the fictional British rock group Spinal Tap to promote their new album Smell the Glove



Feast: Food & Film wouldn't have been possible without the kind contributions of our proud partner organizations.